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As an Electrical design engineering company, MA&J Consultants realise the importance of predictive load planning and as such undertake electrical load analysis assessment reports in conjunction with our consultancy services.

This service is typically undertaken upon instruction from Facilities Managers and Main Contractors who have been tasked with the proposed installation of additional high current consuming electrical equipment within an existing commercial environment. Our report will allow for the evaluation of the suitability of the existing agreed supply capacity with the local distribution network operator (DNO) prior to instructing or engaging the services of your electrical contractor.

In addition to the load assessment, our report can include where requested, additional value added information such as power factor and voltage fluctuation, with the assessment being carried out during a predetermined period within the region of 24-168 hours. As the monitoring equipment is non-invasive we would generally not expect any interruption to your electrical supply, however, we would always suggest that an initial site survey is carried out.